Frequently Asked Questions

YRL for Creators


What is YRL?

YRL (pronounced as viral ) is a platform where businesses partner with you to promote their products. You are free to explain, share and promote a product on any media that you like, and you'll be paid proportionally to the traffic your content creates (i.e pay per click, or per conversion).

How does it work?

You, as a creator can discover campaigns on YRL App, and Claim personal links for those products and websites (called Yrl links).

You can then share these links through social media, blogs, videos, or connections.

Everytime someone clicks on the Yrl link, they are instantly redirected to the product's website, and you get paid in realtime.

What sort of campaigns are there on YRL?

Promote Anything

Products, Apps, Videos, Music, Blogs, Startups, Posts... basically anything that has a URL with content can be found on YRL.

How much can I earn with YRL?

We pay a minimum of $10 per 100 clicks of your YRL links. There's no upper limit to how much you could earn with YRL.

You get paid cash delivered to your bank account. We partner with Stripe to process payments and issue 1099 forms in the US. Internationally we partner with Western Union and to make payouts.

There are no reward / coins / points or any such BS. Only hard cash.

Which platforms can I promote YRLs on?

You are free to use any platform of your choice. You can create posts on Facebook, Reddit, Linkedin, or add your YRL link to TikTok or Youtube videos. You can also write a blog or article that people discover through organic search and click on them.

How many followers do I need to earn with YRL?


Yes, that's right. You have a million followers, or none at all .

You can use 1.1 chat messages, emails, anonymous posts or blogs to talk about, and share your YRLs with the right audience. Some campaigns will pay you per click and others per conversion.

There's no entry barrier to YRL for anyone.

Who is a Creator or Connector?

If you have ever shared a link in your messages, chat, social media, or email, we call you a Connector. You are the reason why ideas spread and change the world.

For simplicity, and easy of speaking, we interchangealy use the term "Creators" with "Connectors".

How hard is to share YRLs? Can I earn on all clicks of the YRLs?

3 clicks is all it takes to share a YRL.

You can earn on all valid and organic clicks. For ex. if the campaign is about a product, and you share it with the world talking about, or explaining the product, it will count as an organic click.

On the other hand, if you hide the clicks behind an unrelated link tricking the user, running Ads with YRL links on unrelated keywords, or simply participating in games that reward users for clicking without knowing about the product, your clicks will invalidated.

How soon do I see my earnings?

Instantly. Everytime someone clicks on your YRLs, your account earnings increase instantly (in realtime).

You can see your YRL performance and metrics in "My YRLs" tab.

Why would business pay for this?

Businesses and Startups need marketing to grow and spread the word of their product. They usually end up buying expensive spammy Ads that everyone hates.

We offer businesses another way out: to pay you to do their marketing organically. We are at least 10 times cheaper than any Advertisement, and we give a major chunk out of it to you.

YRL Links & Campaigns

What is a YRL Link?

To begin earning with YRL, you first have to "Claim" a YRL Campaign. When you click on Claim YRL, you get your personal YRL link

Everytime someone clicks on this YRL link, you get paid.

How many YRL Links can I claim?

It depends on the number of YRL Campaigns available as well as your Level.

As we are still growing, it may happen that we run out of campaigns, but that should get fixed as we onboard more businesses and artists.

Every Creator on YRL begins with Level 3. The more you earn with YRL, the more your profile Level grows, and more YRLs you can claim.

What information is available about a YRL campaign?

There's a lot of information in a YRL: There should be a description of the site, a link to the landing page, Pay per Click (PPC) that you will be paid on click and your Max Earnings on the Campaign.

Landing Page

You can see their landing page image, details and description.

Target Countries

If a Campaign has target country, only clicks from that country would count towards your earnings.

Campaign Expiration Date

This is the last date when your YRLs will bring you earnings. After this date, the YRL campaign will expire.

Note from Businesses

Businesses can write a message / note for you in their campaigns.

Max Earnings

This is the maximum you can earn from the given YRL.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is how much you earn everytime someone clicks on your YRL link.

Can I "un-claim" a YRL after Claiming it?

While you can't un-claim a YRL, you can choose to "Disable" it. You can do this on the "My Yrls" tab.

Disabled YRLs stop working instantly and you can claim another YRL with your quota.

Are websites on YRL safe to click on?

Yes. Every campaign and website is reviewed before going live on YRL. You should feel safe clicking on any YRL Campaign's website on YRL.

What type of Products can I see on YRL?

There's a wide range and something for everyone.

You can discover Youtube videos, Music, Products like product or gaming apps, Startups looking for clients or a food blog sharing new recipe.

Availability & Support

Which countries is YRL available in?

YRL is currently available for businesses in the following countries:

North America: USA, Canada

Europe: UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark

Asia: Japan, Singapore, India

We only support English language at the moment. Based on growth, we will prioritize support for local languages as well.

How can I get help with Billing or Payment issue?

Please send an email to us at: with the details and we will get back to you right away.

Chat and Phone support is coming soon!

I need help with YRL. What should I do?

Please drop us an email at, and we'll be more than happy to do this for you.

Earnings & Payouts

How do I cash out my earnings on YRL?

Once you have earned $10 or more on YRL, you can cash them out by going to "Earnings" tab, and clicking on "Cash Out"

You can cash out part, or all of your earnings.

US Residents

We partner with Stripe to pay out in US. The first time you click on Cash Out, you will be redirected to Stripe ( where you will be asked to connect your bank account. Please refer to details here on how to setup your account.

Note: We (YRL) do not store your bank account or any private information whatsover. All your banking information is stored with Stripe only. There's a 1% fee that Stripe charges on payouts which will be deducted from your earnings.

Once your bank account is connected, you will be redirected to YRL again. This time, you can just click "Cash out" and your payment will be automatically processed.

You can monitor the payment via your Stripe account.

International Users

We partner with Transferwise to send you your payouts. Depending on your country, we will either send you money via Email link, or communicate with you to find the best possible option.

Your earnings are subject to international currency conversion rates as well as Transferwise fee. You can view this by comparing currency conversion on

Is there a minimum threshold to Payouts?

To collect payment you must have earnings of minimum $10 (around 100 clicks).

You can only get paid out once a month. We do this to stop abuse.

Do you store my Financial information like Bank account or Address?

No, we do not store any private, or financial information about you. All the financial information like your bank account, or legal name / address would be managed by Stripe or Transferwise.

What are YRL Credits?

Instead of cashing out, you can choose to convert your earnings into YRL Credits, which can be used by you to promote something on YRL yourself.

There's a 10% bonus that you get everytime you convert your earnings to YRL Credits. As an example, $100 earnings = $110 in YRL Credits.

You can also switch YRL credits back to earnings and cash them out.

Does YRL withold taxes?

YRL does not withold taxes for your earnings. You are solely responsible for identifying your tax status, and pay the taxes to your tax regulatories.

US Residents

You will be issued form 1099 from Stripe dashboard for your earnings. We recommend you to discuss your taxable income with your tax advisor, and make tax payments as you may be liable to.

Analytics & Metrics

What metrics can I see for my YRLs?

We provide four metrics for every YRL that you claim. These metrics are updated in realtime and are very accurate.

Clicks with time

Number of clicks your YRL has received in last 7 days.


Number of clicks from different countries.


These are the sites from where you got clicks from.

Note: "Direct" would imply either through messages like iMessages or Whatsapp, or it could be sites that don't share their referrer ID, for example, TikTok.

Platform / Device Type

Desktop, Mobile and Tablet split of platforms where your YRLs got clicks from.

Can I click on same YRL again and again?

We have inbuilt protection on every click to discount fraudulent or repeated clicks. We do this through many ways and you will not be paid for any clicks that are duplicate, or repeated.

If we find out that you tried to abuse our platform, we will ban you from YRL forever.

Does YRL Collect information about me, or my connections?

No. We are not interested in collecting data about you, or your connections. We only store information necessary for us to identify your account in every click and that's it. We do not share any information about your earnings with anyone else.


How is YRL different from Ads?

While both are marketing platforms, in some way YRL is antithesis of Ads. This question requires a post of it's own, but we've summarised some differences below:


However targeted they may be, Ads are spammy by nature, and are forced by Ad platforms onto users. YRLs on the other hand require creative posts on different media which users today consume anyways. Most YRLs will come across as referrals / organic content because target users would be following such related content or be part of those communities.


Users trust referrals more than Ads. While average CTR (click through rate) of Ads is about 2%, referrals links have CTR of over 80%.

User Tracking

Ad platforms usually track users and their data to target Ads. YRL doesn't do any of that. We don't have 3rd party cookies, or track user data. YRL instead relies on network and creativity of Creators to explain and promote products organically.


Ads require extensive iteration on quality of Ad Creatives / Copywriting before they show results. YRL instead wants you to put all your energy and resources into making an incredible product. We only require your landing page, that's it. The Creators on YRL come up with their creativity to get the right traffic to you.


Most platforms have different Ad networks and tools. This requires users to manage different accounts and observer performance. YRL is platform agnostic, and utilizes any and every digital ever created.


Ads are expensive as they compete in bidding. YRL uses abundance of user generated content, and costs anywhere between 1/10 to 1/100 the cost of Ads.

Platform Avg. Cost / 1000 clicks
Search Ads $1500
Social Media Ads $500
Short Video Ads $250
YRL Campaigns $125

How is this different from Influencer or Affiliate Marketing?

There are similarities, and some fundamental differences:


Influencer marketing requires businesses to reach out to, and connect with "Influencers". The process is cumbersome, time and resource intensive, and there are questions for how long will the influencers keep the post active, or how many users actually clicked.

With YRL as you pay per click, it doesn't matter how many followers an influencer has, they can choose to promote you in the way they want.

Realtime Analytics

For most businesses, it's not possible to track the actual performance metrics from an influencer post. YRL solves this in realtime.

Entry Barrier

Affiliate and Influencer marketing have entry barriers for both businesses, as well as creators. YRL has no entry barrier.

Minimum Spend

Most networks require significant budget for a post.

YRL begins at $20 per campaign.

Fake vs. Real Influencers

It's easy to buy fake followers and comments today, and so it's hard to discover who is a real influencer with what reach.

Type of Products

Usually consumer goods are the only ones marketed through Influencer or Affiliate marketing. With YRL, you can promote anything.


What inspired YRL?

We struggled with marketing for our other products, and we didn't have the resources to create Ads, let alone pay for them.

Our first goal was to build YRL to solve marketing for ourselves, but soon decided to build it for everyone.

Why is it called YRL?

YRL is a misnomer for two terms: "Viral", and "URL".

We wanted to name our product Viral, and since that word is very common, we decided to create a new term and identity. We kept playing around with different words as long as they sounded similar. YRL has no full form, and is just that -- a term that specifically identifies a personal link (URL) to a campaign.

Instead of "Ads", we want the future to use "Yrls" for digital marketing.

Who made YRL? Where are you based?

YRL is a proud offering of Milkie Way, Inc.

We are a technology startup based out of Bay area, CA.

Why is there only dark theme for YRL?

Well, we had resources to build just one theme, and we chose the dark one first. We will release light theme sometime in future.

How does YRL make money for itself?

We take a tiny part on every click and conversion that goes through our Platform. Our commission is much smaller than any Ad platform that exists today, and that's by design.

How soon do you release new features?

Fairly soon! We are actively developing YRL and have some really cool features lined up for near future.

We welcome all feedback as well as feature requests (see here).

I am an investor. How can I invest in YRL?

See our investor section in Business FAQs.