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Partner with individual creators through Cost per Click or Cost per Acquisition Campaigns of your products. Grow on every social media ever invented.

YRL Features for Businesses

YRL Marketplace

Let Creators Discover your Product Campaigns on YRL Marketplace.

Existing Partnerships?

Working with an influencer, or affiliates? Make CPC / CPA payouts.

Pay per Conversion

Give part of the sales everytime there's a conversion through a creator.

1. YRL Marketplace


Create a YRL campaign and let individual Creators discover and promote your product.

Step 1

Create YRL Campaign

Similar to Ad Campaigns, only simpler.

Promote your product, video, business, or anything you care about.

Step 2

Creators Discover

Creators on YRL discover your campaign.

Creators on YRL can claim their personal YRL links to your Campaign. The higher CPC and budget, the more Creators are likely to Claim and share the Yrls.

Step 3

Go Viral 🚀

Creators market your product through videos, chats and blogs organically.

Every click on YRL links redirects to your site, and the Creators are paid from your campaign budget, everytime they bring users. Duplicate clicks are invalidated, and we provide useful metrics to track and validate the results.

2. Existing Partnerships?


Already working with some influencers and paid promotions? Bring them onboard!

Reward Proportionally

Pay additional bonus to influencers based on how much traffic they bring.

Create a "Private" campaign on YRL, and share it with your partnering influencer to Claim. In addition to giving a fixed pay, you can pay the influencer per Click that their posts generate.

3. Pay per Conversion


Make Creators your Sales team by paying them a part everytime their content brings you sales or leads.

Partner in Sales

Pay commission to Creators everytime they bring you users.

You can chose to pay Creators for every click as well as Conversions. A conversion can be defined as any desired action, and if a user referred from Yrl takes that action, you can reward the Creator who made it happen.

And there's more ...

Built for Businesses.

  • Realtime Metrics for your Campaign Performance.
  • 60 Seconds to Create a Campaign.
  • Min Budget of $25. Avg CPC = $0.15.
  • Zero Subscription or Recurring Fee.
  • Free Conversion Tracking.
  • Active Yrls count as Backlinks.
  • No need to provide content. Let Creators do it for you.
  • Fraud Protection and Guaranteed Refunds.

Hire the world for marketing

at fractional cost.

Average CPC = $0.15

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it actually work?

We empower individual content creators to market your business through their creativity.

Your YRL campaigns can be claimed by Creators to get their personal YRL Links. Creators then explain and share your product with the world, adding their YRL links to the content.

Just like Ads, everytime someone comes to your site through a YRL, we deduct your campaign budget and pay the content creators who marketed it.

How is this different from Advertising?

It's quite similar except, instead of creating spammy Ads, you're paying content creators to be your marketers. They understand your product or service, and explain it to their audiences.

In this process, your product or service gets a more personalized marketing in the language your audience understands.

What kind of stuff can market through YRL?

Products, E-commerce, Videos, Blogs... basically anything that has a valid and safe landing page can have a YRL Campaign.

How many YRLs are claimed is dependent on the type, and category of your product or service.

Do I need to provide Ad Creatives and Videos?

Nope. We want you to put entire focus on improving your product and service, as the better they are, the more marketing would work.

We only need your Landing page with rich metadata, and Creators on YRL market your product the way they want to.

How do I measure performance?

Just like Google Analytics, we provide realtime performance metrics of your campaign.

Our metrics include number of clicks with time, from referrers, geographies and devices.

How much do you charge?

Each campaign requires $20 minimum budget. Just like how Ad budgets reduce depending on the number of conversions on your Ads, your YRL budget is used everytime claimed YRLs of your campaign are clicked to reach your website.

If we are unable to get enough clicks for your Campaign, your Campaign budget can be refunded once the campaign expires.

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