Frequently Asked Questions

YRL for Businesses


What is YRL?

YRL (pronounced as viral ) is a platform where Businesses partner with Creators to promote their products organically. Creators can explain, share and promote a product on any media that they like, and get paid proportionally to how many users their content brings to the product (pay per click, or per conversion).

How does it work?

Businesses can create a YRL campaign by adding a URL, message, budget and make payment.

Creators discover the Campaign on YRL, claim their personal YRL links of the landing page, and promote it on media of their choice. They are free to create videos, emails, posts on social media, or write about the landing page in a blog.

The Creators are paid for every click that their posts generate to the landing page. You can monitor Campaign Performance directly on YRL by looking at Metrics like Clicks with time.

What can I promote on YRL? Is it only for businesses?

Promote Anything

Products, Apps, Videos, Music, Blogs, Startups, Posts... basically anything that has a URL with content can be promoted on YRL.

Businesses and Individuals!

YRL is not limited to businesses only. You can promote your music, videos, or personal blogs/ideas as well. You could even promote your social media profile, a questionaire or your cause whatever it may be.

To check what kind of content you cannot promote, please refer to our Content Policies.

For ex. we do not allow any adult content to be promoted on the platform.

How much does it cost? What's the minimum I need to spend?

We require a minimum budget of $20 per campaign.

Any amount left after campaign can be refunded. (See our Billing section below)

Which platforms will this give me reach to?

Creators are free to use any platform of their choice. This includes, but not limited to: Social media posts, Chat messages (forwards), explainer or review videos, blogs, articles, and emails.

How will I know that my campaign is working?

There are many metrics that would indicate that, first of which would be you getting business!

You can see performance of your campaign on "My Campaigns" tab by clicking on a campaign and viewing the metrics.

Do I need a specialist or campaign manager?

Absolutely not!

We are not an Ads platform where creating, managing and iterating on Campaigns is a difficult process. Our goal at YRL is to solve your marketing problems, not add to them.

To create a campaign, you only need to provide us your Landing Page and Budget. It takes less than 2 minutes. Monitoring the progress is much easier thanks to our realtime updated Metrics which you can find in "My Campaigns" tab.

Do I need to provide videos or creatives for advertisement?

No, just the URL of your landing page. We automatically collect metadata from your landing page.

If you have resources, and time, we ask you put all into improving your product and landing page.

How soon will I see results?

It can be as soon as 10 mins, or as long as several days. The better your landing page, and description, the faster you will see results.

Our general recommendation is to keep a campaign up for 3-4 weeks.

Do you guarantee success?

We will put your landing page in front of lots of creators, and potentially get you lot of traffic.

Whether you convert that traffic into real users depends on your product, and offering.

Success or not, we do guarantee that your product market fit realization cycle will be much, much faster with YRL.

YRL Campaigns

What is a YRL Campaign?

To promote your site on YRL, you need to create YRL Campaigns. A YRL campaign has following fields:

Campaign Name

This is for your reference only. At any time you can run multiple campaigns and right naming can help you distinguish them from each other.

Campaign URL

Landing page, or website where end users will be redirected to.

Note for Creators

This is a direct message that you can leave for Creators and is visible on Discover page for all the Creators.

The more you explain, the better chances Creators have to understand and promote your product well.


Tags are used for enabling search while Creators look for campaigns on YRL.


Creators can filter Campaigns by Categories on the Discover page.

Cost per Click (CPC)

This the amount that will be deducted from your campaign Budget everytime someone clicks on the YRLs and redirected to your website. Higher the CPC, the more Creators you would attract.

Minimum CPC on YRL is $0.02, and you can increment it in multiples of $0.005.


This is the maximum amount you will pay for the campaign. We charge you this amount while you set up the Campaign. To get the maximum clicks you can get, divide the Budget by CPC. For ex., a $20 Budget with CPC of $0.15 will give you 134 clicks.

Minimum Budget for any YRL Campaign is $20, and you increment it in multiples of $1.

Expiration Date

Expiration dates are by default set to 45 days from the date of Campaign Creation.

Target Countries

You can limit your campaign to only pay for Clicks when they come from a certain country. For ex. if your product is only sold in US, then it makes less sense for you to pay for clicks in India

How much do I pay?

New campaigns are created with the status "Draft". On the next screen you will see the Payment summary page.

If you have credits, like Creator Credits, or Promo Credits, they will be automatically deducted from the Campaign budget.

If you have left over amount from other Campaigns (YRL Cash), it will be deducted next.

A processing fee will be added to whatever amount will remain. This processing fee is charged by Stripe, and is non refundable.

What are Campaign statuses?

A Campaign can have different status, depending on your actions. They are as follows:

Status Trigger Meaning
Draft Default status when you Create a Campaign before Payment. Pending Payment. Can be Edited by you as many times as you want. Pending Payment.
Under Review Payment completed We are reviewing the Campaign (~1 working day).
Active Campaign is Reviewed Campaign is live for Discovery, and Creators can claim YRLs.
Exhausted Budget was Exhausted. All existing YRLs stop working, and no new YRLs can be created. Also, the Campaign would be marked as Expired soon.
Expiring Soon You Stopped the Campaign, or Expiration date is near No new YRLs can be claimed for the Campaign.
Expired Expiration date has passed The Campaign is no longer available for Creators to Discover. Existing YRL links will stop working.

Can I edit campaign after submission?

Draft Campaigns

All fields in the Campaign are editable.

All other Campaign Statuses

You can update the Name, Note, Tags, Category of the Campaign.

CPC and Budget can only be increased, and not decreased.

URL of the Landing page cannot be changed.

Can I stop a Campaign that's Active?

When you click on the "Stop" Campaign button on My Campaigns tab, an Expiration date of 4 days is set to the campaign. No new YRLs can be claimed of your Campaign, and it's status will be changed to "Expiring Soon".

At this point there are two scenarios:

No YRLs were Claimed

In this case the entire budget of the Campaign will be transferred to your YRL Wallet (accessible via "Billing" tab) when the expiration date is hit .

Some YRLs were Claimed

Existing YRLs Creators have 4 days to bring more traffic and claim their earnings from your Campaign. Depending on how they do, any amount left on Expiration will be transferred to your YRL Wallet.

Promo Credits, Creator Credits go to their respective buckets when transferred from your Campaign to your Wallet.

Cash paid by you would go to "YRL Cash" bucket, for which you can request a refund.

What is a Private campaign?

Private Campaigns are not visible on the YRL Marketplace for Creators. They can only be shared directly by the Businesses to individuals.

If you are working with influencers for example, you can create individual campaigns for each of the influencers, and you can have some portion of the payment issued to influencers based on performance, and the amount of traffic you get from that post.

What is MetaData? How can I add it to my site?

Metadata is how bots and search engines learn what your site is about. This is the data that shows the card view on popular media platforms.

We use this existing metadata from your site as the image and description for Yrl Campaigns.

To add Metadata to your site, please copy and update following fields for your site in the HEAD tag

<meta charset="UTF-8" />
<meta name="url" content="" />
<meta name="title" content="Title of your Site" />
<meta name="image" content="Link to your site's image" />
<meta name="description" content="Description of your site" />

Availability & Support

Which countries is YRL available in?

YRL is currently available for businesses in the following countries:

North America: USA, Canada

Europe: UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, NORDICS

Asia: Japan, Singapore, India

We only support English language at the moment. Based on growth, we will prioritize support for local languages as well.

How can I get help with Billing or Payment issue?

Please send an email to us at: with the details and we will get back to you right away.

Chat and Phone support is coming soon!

I need help creating my YRL campaign. What should I do?

Please drop us an email at, and we'll be more than happy to do this for you.

Billing & Refunds

What's the minimum I need to spend to be on YRL?

For any campaign, there's a minimum budget of $20 and minimum CPC of $0.125.

Any campaign below the minimum budget or CPC will not go live on YRL, simply because it's not worth enough for anyone to promote your site for that much.

Can I get a refund if YRL doesn't work for me?

Absolutely! Any amount that's left after your Campaign expires will be automatically transferred to your Billing Account. From your Billing Account, you can either Request a Refund (ETA: 2-3 business days), or start a new campaign.

NOTE: We do not refund the Processing Fees (approx. 3%) because it's a non-refundable charge by Stripe for collecting payments.

Do you store my Payment details? What forms of payment are available?

No, we do not store any private, or financial information about you other than what's needed to authenticate you.

We partner with Stripe to collect payments from you. We currently accept Credit Cards that Stripe supports.

What are YRL Cash, Creator Credits and Promo Credits?

YRL Cash: If you made a payment for a campaign, on expiration, the left amount from your payment is transferred to your Billing Account under the title "YRL Cash". Your YRL Cash can be used to start a new campaign, or you can request a refund of all, or part of the amount.

Creator Credits: If you are a YRL Creator, your earnings can be converted to YRL Creator Credits (with 10% bonus). You can use these Credits for a new Campaign. You can also convert the Credits back to Earnings, and Cash them out anytime.

Promo Credits: Got a Promo Code? You can use it to get Promotional Credits on "Billing" page.

What happens to my payment if my Campaign was rejected?

If your campaign violates our Content Policies, it can be rejected after making a payment for it. In this case, the amount will be automatically transferred to your "YRL Cash" under Billing tab. You can use this to create a new Campaign, or simply request refund.

I was charged, but the YRL campaign was not funded. What to do?

We are sorry that this happened. Please raise a support request here, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Analytics & Metrics

What metrics does YRL provide me?

In the first phase, we provide three metrics:

Clicks with time

Number of clicks your campaign has received in last 7 days.


Number of clicks from different countries.


These are the sites from where you got clicks from. This means that Connectors posted / shared content in those websites.

Note: "Direct" would imply either through messages like iMessages or Whatsapp, or it could be sites that don't share their referrer ID, for example, TikTok.

Platform / Device Type

Desktop, Mobile and Tablet split of the traffic YRL Campaign got you.

How can I track conversions on my site from YRL?

We support conversion tracking for your site for free, with a very lightweight script.

Please add the following to your website's <HEAD> tag

  <script src=""></script>
    const f = () => {
      // Add any data that you want to send along with this conversion. 
      // Usually that is a transaction ID, or the id of the user.
      const data = {
        email: document.getElementById("email").val,
        id: "userID"

And call "f();" function call wherever the conversion needs to be recorded. For example on a button click, or payment success page. Here's an example:

  <button type="button" id="Success" onclick="f();">
        //  Success Action

If you are using a framework like Angular, or React, follow the below steps.

1. Load the YRL Conversion script in the index.html file of your project.

  // index.html
  <script src=""></script>

2. Wherever in your app you need to call the conversion, call the yrl_conversion() with the params.

  // Your Success Component.ts
  // Right after imports, declare the function:
  declare var yrl_conversion: any;

  // Execute below on Success. Pass any JSON that you want to for identification.
  yrl_conversion({"txId" : "Some ID here"})

Once done, conversions will start showing up in the My Campaigns tab for each campaign.

Can I validate the metrics from my site?

For your websites, we recommend that you have your own metrics, such as Google Analytics, or other similar tools. The metrics you see on YRL should match those at your end.

How do you handle click fraud?

We have inbuilt protection on every click to discount fraudulent clicks. We do this through many ways and you can be assured that you will never pay for clicks that weren't really clicks.

Sharing any details about how we do this would be a security threat for us, so we keep it as a trade secret.

As we control the process end to end, if we do detect any fraud by a user, we will block their payment, add credit the amount back to the Campaign.

If still stuck, please reach out to us at: and we'll be happy to help in code integration.

Does YRL Collect information about me, or my business?

No. We only collect information necessary for us to authenticate you on our site, and collect the data that we show you for each campaign.

My metrics on Google Analytics don't match with those on YRL. What's up?

Ideally this should rarely ever happen,but there may be reasons explaining it:

You see higher metrics on Google Analytics

This can be a common occurence as we invalidate duplicate clicks that our system believes to be repeat clicks, or fraudulent clicks. These clicks may not be invalidated by Google Analytics, thus leading to higher Google Analytics metrics.

You see lower metrics on Google Analytics

This should rarely happen as we are pretty serious about metrics. Some reasons for this could be the latency in collecting metrics by Google Analytics, and / or their algorithm to detect same users which could also have false positives.

If you see a stark difference, please reach out to us, and we'll be happy to investigate this for you.


How is YRL different from Ads?

While both are marketing platforms, in some way YRL is antithesis of Ads. This question requires a post of it's own, but we've summarised some differences below:


However targeted they may be, Ads are spammy by nature, and are forced by Ad platforms onto users. YRLs on the other hand require creative posts on different media which users today consume anyways. Most YRLs will come across as referrals / organic content because target users would be following such related content or be part of those communities.


Users trust referrals more than Ads. While average CTR (click through rate) of Ads is about 2%, referrals links have CTR of over 80%.

User Tracking

Ad platforms usually track users and their data to target Ads. YRL doesn't do any of that. We don't have 3rd party cookies, or track user data. YRL instead relies on network and creativity of Creators to explain and promote products organically.


Ads require extensive iteration on quality of Ad Creatives / Copywriting before they show results. YRL instead wants you to put all your energy and resources into making an incredible product. We only require your landing page, that's it. The Creators on YRL come up with their creativity to get the right traffic to you.


Most platforms have different Ad networks and tools. This requires users to manage different accounts and observer performance. YRL is platform agnostic, and utilizes any and every digital ever created.


Ads are expensive as they compete in bidding. YRL uses abundance of user generated content, and costs anywhere between 1/10 to 1/100 the cost of Ads.

Platform Avg. Cost / 1000 clicks
Search Ads $1500
Social Media Ads $500
Short Video Ads $250
YRL Campaigns $20

How is this different from Influencer or Affiliate Marketing?

There are similarities, and some fundamental differences:


Influencer marketing requires businesses to reach out to, and connect with "Influencers". The process is cumbersome, time and resource intensive, and there are questions for how long will the influencers keep the post active, or how many users actually clicked.

With YRL as you pay per click, it doesn't matter how many followers an influencer has, they can choose to promote you in the way they want.

Realtime Analytics

For most businesses, it's not possible to track the actual performance metrics from an influencer post. YRL solves this in realtime.

Entry Barrier

Affiliate and Influencer marketing have entry barriers for both businesses, as well as creators. YRL has no entry barrier.

Minimum Spend

Most networks require significant budget for a post.

YRL begins at $20 per campaign.

Fake vs. Real Influencers

It's easy to buy fake followers and comments today, and so it's hard to discover who is a real influencer with what reach.

Type of Products

Usually consumer goods are the only ones marketed through Influencer or Affiliate marketing. With YRL, you can promote anything.


What inspired YRL?

We struggled with marketing for our other products, and we didn't have the resources to create Ads, let alone pay for them.

Our first goal was to build YRL to solve marketing for ourselves, but soon decided to build it for everyone.

Why is it called YRL?

YRL is a misnomer for two terms: "Viral", and "URL".

We wanted to name our product Viral, and since that word is very common, we decided to create a new term and identity. We kept playing around with different words as long as they sounded similar. YRL has no full form, and is just that -- a term that specifically identifies a personal link (URL) to a campaign.

Instead of "Ads", we want the future to use "Yrls" for digital marketing.

Who made YRL? Where are you based?

YRL is a proud offering of Milkie Way, Inc.

We are a technology startup based out of Bay area, CA.

Why is there only dark theme for YRL?

Well, we had resources to build just one theme, and we chose the dark one first. We will release light theme sometime in future.

How does YRL make money for itself?

We take a tiny part on every click and conversion that goes through our Platform. Our commission is much smaller (by a factor of 1000) than any Ad platform that exists today, and that's by design.

How soon do you release new features?

Stay tuned in! We are actively developing YRL and have some really cool features lined up for near future.

We welcome all feedback as well as feature requests (see here).


I am an investor. How can I invest in YRL?

While we are not looking for funding at the moment, it would be great idea to get connected with you.

Please connect with us at:

What is your vision? What does YRL aspire to be?

We want to solve marketing and sales for every business and artist in the world.

Large number of startups, ideas, artists don't succeed because they fail to get the word out and grow. While excellent marketing can solve this, most of us don't have the resources, time or connections to do it for us.

We provide a level playing field to all businesses and artists empowering them to partner with "Creators" (aka Connectors, early adopters) who get the word out and share the product with the world. Businesses pay the Creators proportional to how effective their marketing was in pure metrics.

The reason why startups and products fail in future should not be marketing, it should be that the product needed more work, and that's the world YRL aspires to build.