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What if, instead of running Ads, Businesses paid you to share their products?

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How YRL Works


Step 1

Discover & Claim

Explore Product Campaigns on YRL. Claim personal Yrl Links.

Yrl links are your personal links to the end product sites. On click they redirect to the product page instantly.

Step 2

Share URL YRLs

Share your Yrl links with the world creatively.

Create an explainer video, a reaction short, a story or a blog about the product.

Everytime a user clicks on them, they are redirected to the product site instantly.

Step 3

Get Paid $$

Everytime a user goes to the product through your Yrl link, you get paid.

Look for the Pay per Click value on every campaign.

That's the amount you get everytime your Yrl Links get organic clicks.

Existing Partnerships?


Making Private deals based on performance was never this easy.

Get them Onboard!

Businesses can create "Private" CPC or CPA campaigns on YRL, and share them with you.

Work out a deal with Businesses to get paid for organic clicks, or sales!

Earn on Conversions


Get paid on sales and conversions you generate.

Partner in Sales

Get commission from conversions and sales that you made happen.

Conversion can be anything: from Sales to Sign ups.

Look for Conversion Campaigns on YRL Marketplace, or set one up with your partnering Business!

And there's more ...

Built for Everyone

  • Earn in USD. Get paid anywhere in the world.
  • No upper cap on earnings.
  • Tonnes of Metrics to measure performance.
  • Zero Subscription Fees. You can only earn with YRL.
  • You contribute to removing spammy Ads in the world.
  • Pick products and ideas that align with your values.
  • Choose the platforms you love. Promote links anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Instead of running Ads, Businesses create Yrl Campaigns. You as a Creator claim personal Yrl links of the products and ideas that align with your values and interests.

Everytime you share the Yrl links (or simply Yrls) and someone clicks on them, they are redirected to the product page instantly, and in this process, you get paid.

Explain like I'm 5!

Imagine a Gaming startup is launching a new video game. To promote, they create a YRL campaign of their video game.

You check out their game on YRL, and if you like the game, create a Youtube video playing and explaining the game, along with your personal Yrl link to the game in the video description.

Depending on the campaign, everytime someone clicks on your Yrl link, they are instantly directed to the Game website, and you get paid for this.

Is this like Influencer Marketing?

It's quite similar except:

  • there's no entry barrier for anyone. You could have a million followers or none at all. You could be a blogger, a valued community poster, or someone who shares things over chat, email or messages.
  • Instead of getting a fixed payment, you get paid proportional to the reach of your content.
  • You chose what to market, where and how.

What does YRL stand for?
YRL (pronounced as viral) is a misnomer for Viral and URL. It doesn't have any full form.
What kind of stuff can I find to market on YRL?

A bunch of things! Products like games and productivity apps; E-commerce like shoes or fashion accessories; videos of something interesting; blogs by new writers and so on.

What are some good ways to market YRLs?
Create an explainer video, a funny meme, a reaction short, a blog or article that users find on search, or a story on your favorite community. You are only limited by your creativity.
How much can I earn with YRL?

Your minimum earnings would be around $10 per hundred unique clicks that your content generates for a business. There's no minimum number of clicks your content should generate, and you get paid on every click.

The maximum? Well we hope one day millions of people have this as their full time jobs. To put things into perspective, a thousand clicks would earn minimum of $100, a million clicks (across YRLs) could earn $100K.

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Claim your first Yrl.

Blog it. Vlog it. Tube it. Twitch it. Tweet it. Redd it. Text it. Reel it. Whatsapp and Tiktok it.

Get paid, everytime a user clicks on it.

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